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Barbara SchugSocraTec R&D GmbH, Germany

Barbara Schug studied pharmacy at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität, Bonn, she received a scholarship from the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes” and was awarded a doctor’s degree for experimental pharmacological work. She started her professional career at the Zentrallaboratorium Deutscher Apotheker, Eschborn, where she took over the man-agement of the study planning department. Since 1998 she is managing director of SocraTec R&D, Oberursel, an independent contract research institution. In 2007 she founded Socra-Metrics, an independent biometrical institute.

Her area of work covers the planning and realisation of early phase (I and II) trials in healthy subjects and patients and she is also responsible for phase-III and phase-IV studies realised by her companies. Alongside the chemically defined medicinal substances, work is focussing on biotech medicines including biologics, biosimilars, non-biological complex drugs, herbal medicines and endogenous compounds. This work has led to more than 100 scientific publications so far.

Dr Schug is a member of numerous national and international scientific societies, including Deutsche Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft (DPhG) [1], Arbeitsgemeinschaft für angewandte Humanpharmakologie (AGAH) [2], Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin (DGPharMed) [3], European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) and Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie [4].

She has been an active member of the organisational committee of the German Pharmacokinetic / Pharmacodynamic Experts Conference for many years. Furthermore, she is active member of the EUFEPS Network on Bioavailability and Biopharmaceutics and in this function she is co-chair the Global Bioequivalence Harmonisation Conference. Furthermore, she is co-founder and active member of the EUFEPS Network on Dermatopharmacy. And finally she is Member of the board of AGAH.

[1] German Pharmaceutical Society
[2] Association for Applied Human Pharmacology
[3] German Society for Pharmaceutical Medicine
[4] Society for Dermopharmacy